Dreamy was designed with the clearness in mind. Write down or record your dreams in a very straightforward and easy manner.

Clean design

Dreamy is thought so that it's so easy to introduce a new dream and to read and find them later.


Dreamy analyzes your dreams and simplifies the information in charts that are very easy to read.


You don't need to write down all your dreams. You can record your dreams with your own voice.

Search dreams

Search the specific dream that you want to read from all your list of dreams very easily.

iCloud backup

Dreamy is integrated with the iCloud services so you don't lose your dreams if something happens.


Lock your dreams with Touch/Face ID or the phone code so that only you can access them.

Moon Phases

If the moon affects the tides, crops and the behavior of some animals and people, it is logical to think that it also affects our sleep. Or the quality of sleep. Depending on which phase of the moon we will sleep more or less, more deeply or lighter, we will have more pleasant or more agitated dreams.

Lunar phases
Record dreams

Record & Play your dreams

Sometimes it's not easy to write down a very large dream, maybe because you don't have time, or because you don't want to write so much. We thought of that and you can record your dreams with your voice. You can later play them aloud or share them with whoever you want.


If you need a dream journaling app for iOS and you like what you read, Dreamy is made for you.